Item Variation

You can add up to 10 item variations for every item. Different prices can be assigned to each item variation.


Variation Options
Variation Name:
This is what shows up below the item name when your customer goes to the cart to checkout.
If you have item variations, set the price for each variation under Item Variations. Then, set the price on the add to cart button to 0.
If you don’t do this, then the price you set for the variation and for the add to cart button will be added together.

You can select the size/color of the triangle icon. You can also choose the separator line color.

Add Letter Spacing
To add letter spacing you have to do the following:
Step One.
Create a new text box and type some random text in there. 
Step Two.
Add your desired letter spacing and typeface.
Step Three.
Create a new paragraph style and apply it to Item Variation.

Rounded Corners
If you choose to add rounded corners, then there will be a gap between the dropdown and the variations. This is completely normal and done by design.

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