Cart Panel (Mini Cart)


The Mini Cart is a container. The container comes prepackaged with the Added Item, Total Amount, Checkout Button, Accept Terms Checkbox, and a Close Button. The Mini Cart can be fully customized and, if desired, you can delete its contents.

Place the Cart Panel on the outside of your page to the left.



Added Item




The added item widget displays the items added to cart, item type (if it's an item variation), price, and quantity. The appearance can be styled by opening the option panel:



Click here to read the full article on the Added Item widget.



Total amount


The total amount displays the value of all of the cart items. The typeface can be styled through the Text Panel.



Checkout Button


Clicking the checkout button will bring you to PayPal.
It can be fully styled through the Text Panel.
If you want to use another object or image as your checkout button, you can also delete the provided checkout button. Then apply the graphic style PP-Checkout-QooQee to another object or image. Then style it as desired.

The checkbox is an optional feature that can be included. It makes it so that customers cannot checkout before checking the box. 
You can customize the check mark color as well as the alert text. The alert text will show up if the customer tries to checkout without checking the box.

Close Button
The close button closes the Minicart. It has the graphic style PP-Close-QooQee.
If you wanted to have your own button, object, or image as the close button you can delete the provided close button. Then apply the graphic style PP-Close-QooQee to another object or image. Then style it as desired.
Click here to read an article with full details about using graphic styles.

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