Customizing the Menu

Accordion Menu

The accordion menu used on the largest breakpoint 1600px is QooQee’s Accordion Menu. When opening the widgets option panel you can customize the following features:
  • Icons
  • Icon Size
  • Text
  • Background
  • Color
  • Accordion Size
The accordion menu on Accent is fixed to the left. The background of the menu is a rectangle with a color fill that uses the Responsive Height Widget. 
Click here for more information on the Responsive Height widget.


Responsive Muse Menu

The menu on the two smaller breakpoints 1360px and 850px in Accent is created by using QooQee’s Responsive Muse Menu. The following features may be customized
  • Push effect
  • Vertical alignment
  • Movement duration
  • Overlay color and opacity
  • Close button
Details on these features can be found in the Responsive Muse Menu Documentation


Change Menu Typeface

Main Menu Items
Style the menu typeface as desired. When finished go to the Paragraph styles panel, right-click on ‘Navigation’ and select redefine style. This will update your other menu items.
Click here for more detailed information on redefining paragraph styles.
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