State Buttons

State buttons are used in the Menu and on the Works page. They are used in Facade to combine different objects to create a unified hover effect on the text and image.




To Create a State Button


Step One
Go to the Widgets Library > Buttons > State Button. Drag the state button onto the page.
Step Two
Right click on the state button and select Clear Widget Contents.
Step Three
Right click on the state button again and select Clear All Styling. Now it’s ready for full customization.
Step Four
Adjust the size of your state button as desired and drag and drop any text, images, or objects that you want to include in the state button.

Rollover Effects
To customize the rollover effects, select the state button, go to the upper left and select State Button: Normal. Now you can select the state that you want to customize. You can do some of the following:
  • Change the opacity of individual objects
  • Change the font color, size, or spacing
  • Enable a fade transition
Here’s a great video (5 minutes) by Adobe Muse that shows how to use State Buttons with rollover effects. 

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