Using Scale Hover On Multiple Images

Scale Hover can be used on multiple images for simple image galleries.
This article explains how to do that by creating a new graphic style.

Step One
Create a rectangle for your image.

Step Two
Add your image as a background image by going to Fill and adding your image file. Set the fitting and position of your image.

Step Three
With your image selected, create a new graphic style. Additional information on creating graphic styles can be found here

Step Four
To get additional images, select your image and duplicate it. Then change the image in the Fill panel.
Note: it’s important that you duplicate your image and replace it, instead of creating new rectangles/image frames. This is because the graphic style that was created is attached to the original image. If you create a new image and try to apply the graphic style, it will replace your image with the original image that you used when creating the graphic style.

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