Customizing Lucid

This article covers:

  • Redefining paragraph styles
  • Customizing Color Swatches
  • Clearing Widget Contents
  • Using Graphic Styles



Redefining Paragraph Styles

Lucid comes with some paragraph styles that can be styled and redefined across your template. Learn how to do that here.




Customizing Color Swatches

Lucid comes with the following color swatches. These can be changed and updated across the template. Learn how to do that here.




Clearing Widget Contents

Clearing widget contents is a quick way to allow you to customize a widget. Learn how to do that here.



Using Graphic Styles

Some of the widgets used in Lucid use Graphic styles.

Click here to read how to Assign a Graphic Style to an Object.
Click here to read solutions if a Graphic Style is not working



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