How to Fix Overlapping Slide Descriptions (Image and Video)

If you have a long description with a video slide or with an image slide on the Pop-Up Lightbox, you may notice that it overlaps the image/video. You can fix this with one of the following solutions:

1 - Shorten the Description
This is the quickest way to fix overlapping slide descriptions. If you have a lot to say, you can always provide a link to a new page that explains everything in full detail.

2 - Hide the Description
This is a great option when you are using the In-Page Lightbox but you have a video slide. Video slides always open in the Pop-Up Lightbox when users click on the video. Hiding the description will only hide it in the Pop-Up Lightbox and it will have no effect on the In-Page Lightbox.
To enable this:

1. Click on the Flex Container and open the widget option panel.


3. Go down to LIGHTBOX.

4. Open the ‘appearance’ dropdown and select ‘only title’ or ‘none’ to hide the description.




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