Combining Features/Options

Some features/options in the widget options panel are not compatible with each another (example: the full-width option isn’t compatible with the In-Page Lightbox, so when you choose to have the In-Page Lightbox, you cannot have the slides as full-width).
The options listed below each feature are the ones that aren’t compatible with that option. 

In-Page Lightbox
Incompatible with:
  • full-width
  • unique URL for each gallery image
  • autoplay progress bar
  • Quick-View thumbnails
  • Controls
    • Dark Controls
    • Counter
    • zoom in/out
    • fullscreen
    • autoplay
    • download
    • toggle

Pop-Up Lightbox
Incompatible with: 
  • Linked Slides
    • Custom buttons
  • Image Size width percentage
  • Image Size maximum-height
  • Custom buttons

Incompatible with:
  • In-page lightbox
  • Panning
  • Scrolling

Incompatible with:
  • full-width
  • infinite loop
  • self panning
    • stop self-panning on hover
    • self-panning direction
  • Mouse cursor (when mouse-down on grab)

Incompatible with:
  • full width


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