Flex Tips

  1. One thing to keep in mind when you’re customizing your Flex slider is that when you select certain features, some other features may become disabled. For example, the In-Page Lightbox isn't compatible with the widget's full-width option. This is completely normal and it’s just our way of hiding the functions that aren’t relevant to the features that you’ve already selected. You can click here to see a list of features that aren't compatible with each other.

  2. To ensure that your slider works properly, make sure that your Slider Name is the same on the SLIDES and on the Flex Container.

  3. If you have both YouTube (or Vimeo) and self-hosted videos, you need to have them in different SLIDES. This is necessary because you can only choose one video source for each SLIDE. So, make sure the video source is 'YouTube or Vimeo' on one SLIDE and 'HTML5 Self-Hosted Video' on the other SLIDE.

  4. When the Next/Previous Speed is set to normal, the current slide will be automatically centered in the browser as you click through them. If the speed is set to Fast, the current slide will be automatically aligned to the side of the browser.

  5. To customize the widget further, you can add your own custom icons for the mouse, controls, and next/previous buttons.
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