Lightbox [In-Page]

The In-Page Lightbox shows up in your browser. The In-Page Lightbox is fully responsive and can be set to any width.


  • Fully responsive: mobile version of the widget
  • Infinite Loop option
  • Self-Panning option
  • Can be set to any width
  • Responsive widths for image slides and descriptions
  • Maximum-height can be set for slider images
  • Ability to add links to each slide
  • Fully customizable buttons
  • Ability to add your own custom mouse icons
  • Three different navigation methods: panning, scrolling, grabbing
  • Customizable close button
  • Use any object or image as your next/previous buttons

Note: The In-Page Lightbox doesn’t support full-width images, but if you want to enable that feature you can always use the Pop-Up Lightbox instead.

Read below to see more in-depth explanations of some of the In-Page's Lightbox features.



1 - Image Size (When Opened)


Image Width (% of slider's width):
Here you can specify the % of width that the slider image will take up when it's opened. For example, if you enter 75, when you click on a slide, the image will always be 75% of the slider's width.

Maximum-Height (% of browser's height):
Here you can specify the maximum-height that the slider image will take up when it’s opened.



2 - Controls


Specify the amount of time that it takes a slide to open/close.

Move the Slider to the top when a slide is clicked
Checking this box will move the slider to the top of the browser when a slide is clicked.



3 - Linked Slides


When you create a slide, you have the option of adding a link to each slide. In this section, you can manage how slides handle links. You can also customize the appearance of buttons.

When Clicked:
When you click on a slide, you can choose to ‘Open the Link Directly’ or you can ‘Add a Button to the Opened Slide’. If you choose ‘add a button...’ the button will show up below any description that you put on a slide. You can customize the button with the options below.

Button Text:
Text that appears on the buttons for linked slides.

Font Size:
Font size of the text on the buttons.

Round Corners:
Specify the radius of the button corners. 0 will create a rectangular button; 100 will create a rounded rectangle button.



4 - Close Button


Close Button Position
You can choose between four different positions for the close button.



Close Button Shape
You can choose to have your close button circle or square shaped.



5 - Customizing Lightbox


For the In-Page Lightbox, video slides can be opened as a lightbox. If you want to customize the appearance of the video slide's lightbox you can do that by following the steps below:


Step One
Go to the main options and change the lightbox type to pop-up

Step Two
Open the 'Lightbox [Pop-Up]' tab.

Step Three
Customize the colors and opacities as desired.

Step Four
Once you're done customizing, go back to the main options and change the lightbox type back to in-page.

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