Adding Slides (Images & Videos)

Flex is a slider that supports both image and video files. It also supports YouTube and Vimeo links.



Step One: Set Main Settings



Slider Name

Click on SLIDES, go to the MAIN tab. Make sure your Slider Name matches the Slider Name on the Flex Container. The Slider Name is what connects your slides to the flex container. 


Video Source (optional)

If you are including videos, choose your Video Source. You can choose to add videos from 'YouTube or Vimeo' or you can self-host a video (MP4 or OGG format). If you choose to include both YouTube/Vimeo videos and self-hosted videos, you will have to grab more slides from the Flex Folder (in the library) and then change the video source on the new slides to self-hosted.


Link to

You can choose to have your pages link to either 'pages inside this project' or 'external pages'. An external page would be any page not in your current Muse project file. If you choose to include both 'pages inside this project' and 'external pages', you will have to grab more SLIDEs from the Flex Folder (in the library) and then change the 'link to' the source that wasn't specified in the first slides. For example, if you linked one of your slides to a page inside the project and you wanted to link a slide to an external link, you would have to grab more SLIDEs and then change the 'link to' on the new SLIDEs to 'external pages'


Open the links in

With Flex, you can have your Flex slides link to other pages. You can choose to have the link open in 'the same page' or 'a blank page' (a new page).





Step Two: Add Slides


Adding Images and Videos to Slides

Adding files is easy. Simply click 'Add File' beside the type of file that you want to upload for each slide. if your video is a YouTube or Vimeo file, you just need to include a link to your video.


Unlimited Slides

Flex allows you to have as many slides as you want. Each SLIDE allows you to add up to 20 image or video files. To get more slides, all you have to do is duplicate SLIDE, or you can grab another SLIDE from the Flex folder in the library.


Text & Description

You can specify a title for your slide in the Text field and you can place your description in the field below it.

If your description has multiple paragraphs, you need to make sure that when you place your paragraphs into the description box, get rid of any hard returns (or spaces) between your paragraphs.

Here is an example of paragraphs with hard returns:



Then, to create space between your paragraphs, type <br><br> between your paragraphs like this:



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