Lightbox [Pop-Up]

With the Pop-Up Lightbox, it’ll function like the In-Page Lightbox at first, but when you click on a slide, a light-box will pop-up and you’ll be able to navigate through all of your slides. 
  • Full-width images
  • Responsive height
  • Infinite Loop option
  • Self-Panning option
  • Nine different transitions
  • Ability to add a unique URL for each gallery image for easy sharing
  • Autoplay, autoplay progress bar, and looping
  • Change slide by mousewheel or mouse drag
  • Customizable appearance
  • Custom timing
  • Quick-View Thumbnails
  • Ability to add custom icons
  • Use any object or image as your next/previous buttons



1 - Appearance




Automatic Adjust on Smaller Devices
Checking this box will automatically adjust the Pop-Up Lightbox for smaller devices. The size of the breakpoint for smaller devices can be specified in the Main Settings.
Transition Type
You can choose between nine different transition types for your lightbox.
Unique URL for each gallery image
You can choose to have a unique URL for each gallery image. Having a unique URL for each gallery image will allow you to link directly to that specific image. Unique URLs makes it easy to share specific images with others. 
Loop back after the last image/video
Selecting this will display the first image/video after the last image/video.
Keyboard Navigation
Navigate through the Pop-Up Lightbox with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.
Change Slide by Mousewheel
Checking this enables users to change the slide by moving the mousewheel.
Change Slide by Mouse drag
Checking this enables users to change the slide by dragging it with their mouse.

2 - Quick-View
Quick-View creates a thumbnail overview of your slides that displays at the bottom of the Pop-Up Lightbox. Clicking on the grid icon at the bottom right of the screen opens and closes Quick-View. You can navigate through your different slides by clicking on the different thumbnails.
Quick-View Background 
The background color of Quick-View can be set here.
Quick-View Thumbnails Width/Height
You can specify the width and height of the thumbnails that appear.

3 - Autoplay Options
Autoplay automatically plays the slides. You can choose to have the autoplay icon show up by checking the box under CONTROLS.
Autoplay progress bar: You can select the color of your progress bar. The progress bar shows how long the Lightbox will stay on the current slide.
Autoplay Mode | Pause time on each image (seconds): Set the amount of time that it stays on each slide before moving onto the next one
When you preview the page, you have to click on the autoplay icon in order for autoplay to start. The icon looks like this:

4 - Controls
It is not necessary to add files for any of the options below. If you don’t add your own custom files, the default ones included with the widget will display. Below are some of the default icons (download, zoom in, zoom out, fullscreen, autoplay)
Dark Controls
Enabling Dark Controls turns all the control icons dark. This is a good option for when you have light backgrounds.
The counter indicates what slide number you’re currently on.
Zoom In/Out
Enabling this allows you to zoom in or out on slide images.
Enable this to have the Pop-Up Lightbox autoplay
Enable this to allow users to download slide images.

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