Hover Effect

In this section, you can control the different hover and overlay effects. The overlay effect is what happens when you hover over a slide. 



1 - Overlay and Icon


Overlay & Overlay Opacity
Select an overlay color and the opacity of the color overlay. 

Overlay/Text Hover Effect Type
You can choose between three different overlay/text hover effects: FadeOut, FadeIn, and No Effect.


Effects Duration
Set how long you want the hover effect to take.

Overlay Icon & Overlay Icon Size
You can choose to add an overlay icon. The icon will show up when you hover over a slide. You can also set a pixel size for your icon. 

Overlay Icon Position
Here you can customize the position of the overlay icon.



2 - Cursor Notification

Check this box to enable the cursor notification. Cursor notification displays text after the cursor hasn't moved for a set amount of time.



This is what the default cursor notification looks like.



Enter the text that you want to show up for your cursor notification. The default is 'Click for Details'.

Choose the size of your cursor notification text.

Choose the text color of your cursor notification text.

Choose the background color of your cursor notification text.


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