Main Settings

Customize the behavior of Flex through the Main Settings. Read below to learn more about the features within the Main Settings.



Lightbox Type: 
In-page or Pop-up
Navigation Type: 
Grabbing: Click and grab to move through the slides 
Panning: Navigate through the slides by moving your mouse in the direction that you want to go
Scrolling: Scroll with your mouse to move through the slides
Full-Width Images: 
This function is only available with the Pop-Up Lightbox. It does not work with Infinite Loop.
Responsive Height:
You can choose to have Flex’s height behave responsively by checking this box. Then you can specify what percentage of the browser height Flex will take up by entering a percentage value beside Height (%)
Smaller-devices breakpoint width (px):
Flex has a mobile-optimized appearance for smaller devices. Enter the size of your smallest breakpoint here to have the mobile-optimized appearance show up.

Infinite Loop:
Selecting this will allow your slides to infinitely loop, meaning, the first slide will appear immediately after the last slide. When 'infinite loop' is enabled, the left and right arrow keys will behave differently. Hovering over the left and right arrow keys will cause the slides to automatically scroll in either direction. Note: Infinite loop only works if you have enough slides to display to fill the browser width (usually at least 6-9 depending on the size of your images). 
Self-panning is when the slides automatically scroll by themselves. You can choose to have the slides stop self-panning on hover by checking the appropriate box. You can also set the direction of the self-panning (left or right)
Next Button Graphic Style & Previous Button Graphic Style:
You can choose to use the widget’s default next and previous buttons, or you can use your own. If you use your own, create a graphic style for each button and type it here. Click here to learn more about assigning graphic styles.

Next/Previous Speed
You can choose between Normal and Fast. Below, you can choose a panning speed from 10–100.
Gap Between Slides (0 - 100 / Pixels)
You can set a gap between your slides of 0 - 100 pixels.
Mouse Cursor:
You can choose to add your own mouse cursor icons for normal and grabbing states. If you don’t add one, the widget will simply use the default icons that come with the widget.

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