Timing Features

The Pop-Up widget is unique in that it offers you several different timing features. It allows you to limit how often your visitor sees the pop-up window so that your visitors will not be annoyed by seeing the pop-up every single time they visit your site. You can set the timing features by going to the main widget option panel.



In this dropdown, you can choose how often users see the Pop-Up. There are three options: 


1. Show Always:
The Pop-Up will always appear every time the visitor opens the page, and/or the page is reloaded.


2. Once every X days for each visitor:
The Pop-Up appears only once in X days. For example, if you select this option and enter '7' in the 'days' feature, the Pop-Up will appear to visitors once a week, no matter if they refresh the page or open/close the browser.


3. Only once every session:
The Pop-Up appears to a visitor only once during a session. A session resets every time they close and open the browser. So, after a visitor views the Pop-Up the first time, they can refresh the page and the Pop-Up won't show up. But, if they close the browser and open it again to visit your site, the Pop-Up window will reappear because they started a new browsing session.



Important Note About Cookies:
'Once every x days for each visitor' and 'only once every session' both rely on cookies. Cookies are used to tell how many days it's been since the visitor last saw the Pop-Up. Cookies are also used to tell when a visitor has started a new browser session.



Delay before Pop-Up appears:
You can choose how many seconds it takes for the pop-up to appear once a visitor goes to your site.


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