How To Use

Step One
Grab the widget, it can be found in your Library, Smart Popup V.3.

Step Two
Open the Main Widget Option Panel

Step Three
Choose how often you want the Pop-Up to show up.
There are three different options:
1. Show Always: Popup will show every time you visit the page.
2. Once every X days for each visitor: Popup will show up once every x days that you specify. So you can set a popup to show up once a week, once a month, or any set number of days.
3. Only once every session (browser closed/open):Popup will show only once every session, so the popup will only reappear if a visitor closes their browser and reopens the browser.

Step Four
If you have more than one Smart Pop-Up, assign a new Graphic Style to each new Smart Pop-Up. Click here to learn more about assigning Graphic Styles.
Then, update the Pop-Up Graphic Style Name in the main widget option panel for each Smart Pop-Up.

Step Five
Drag and drop text, images, and other content into the Smart Pop-Up container. Note, the Smart Pop-Up widget does not support Contact Forms at this time. 

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