Remote Triggering

Remote triggering can be used to activate your pop-up window by clicking and/or hovering over a button. To enable remote triggering, go the widget option panel and check the box beside 'REMOTE TRIGGERING'.

To Make A Trigger:
1. Create an object and assign a Graphic Style to it. Click here for help in assigning a Graphic Style.
2. Open the widget option panel, go down to REMOTE TRIGGERING, and type the Graphic Style name beside 'Style Name of the Remote Trigger'.
Note: If you have multiple remote trigger Pop-Ups for multiple Pop-Ups, you need to create a new Remote Trigger Style Name for each trigger and a new Pop-Up Window Graphic Style name for each Pop-Up.



By default, ‘On Click’ and ‘On Hover’ are both selected, only one needs to be selected in order for remote triggering to work.
On Click: Pop-up will open when the trigger is clicked.
On Hover: Pop-up will open the trigger is hovered over.
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