Can I have more than one Smart Pop-Up widget on the same page?
Yes, but please note that you would have to change the timing on each Pop-Up so that they don’t all pop-up at the same time (for example, give one a 1-second delay and the other one a 15-second delay). Also, if you have more than one Smart Pop-Up, make sure that each one has it’s own Graphic Style name. If the Graphic Styles aren’t set up properly, the Pop-Ups will not work correctly.
If you have more than one remote trigger Smart Pop-Up, you need to create a new Remote Trigger Style Name for each trigger. Click here to read more about using Remote Triggers.

Can I nest a contact form, or any other widget, inside of the Smart Pop-Up?
No, the contact form and other widgets cannot be nested inside of the Smart Pop-Up widget. You can , however, nest images, text, state buttons, and anything else that is not functioning as a separate tool/widget.

How do I create a trigger?
Click here to read how to create a trigger.
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