Table Name

Each table created with the Data Table widget needs to be assigned a Table Name. The Table Name is what connects your table and all of your rows. By default, the main widget and all of the rows have a Table Name of “mytable” so you don’t have to change it in order for it to work. 
However, you do have to assign a new Table Name to the main widget and each of the rows if you use more than one Data Table on the same page.



To Change the Data Table Name

If you click on a row, you can open it’s widget option panel. Here you can specify the Table Name. It’s important that the Table Name matches the Table Name that you assigned in the main widget option panel. If it doesn’t match exactly, your Data Table will not show up properly.
When creating a Table Name, make sure that you do not use any spaces or special characters. For example, “mytable” or “myTable” is okay, but “my table” or “mytable!” would not work.


To Change the Table Name for Rows

To update the Table Name for Rows, click on a row, open the row option panel, and type in the Table Name.


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