Data Table Customization

In the main widget option panels settings, there are several customization options available.




Colors on Default Columns

You can specify row colors for your odd and even rows. You can choose alternating row colors by giving the odd and even rows different colors.
If there’s a particular row that you want to be a different color, you can easily do that by selecting the row, going to the fill panel, and selecting a color.

Colors on the Sorted Column 

The Data Table has an optional sort column feature. This feature allows you to select a column and the data inside the column will be sorted and brought into focus. Here you can set your sorted column to have a different color so that it stands out.


Column Settings

In this section, you can choose to enable or disable features.
Search Bar
By checking this box, you can enable the search bar feature. The search bar shows up above your data table, to the right. The feature allows you to enter a search term in the search bar and it’ll automatically show you the rows containing your search term.
Disable Sorting
The sorting feature allows you to click on a column which will highlight it and sort the data. By checking this box, you can disable the sorting feature, resulting in your Data Table just displaying as a normal table. 
Sorted Label Color
Here you can set the label color of the sorted column.




Sorting Arrows

You can choose to add your own custom sorting arrows to your Data Table. You can choose to add a UP arrow, DOWN arrow, or UP/DOWN arrow. 
The icons will appear to the right of each label.


Change text typeface/size/color/alignment

Style the Data Table text through the Text Panel (typeface, size, color, and alignment).



Add Stroke

Add a stroke through the Stroke Panel (stroke color and weight).



Row Heights

Row heights are adjustable.



Customize individual Rows

Each row can be customized separately by selecting it and customizing it through the Fill Panel and Text Panel.


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