Why aren’t my columns aligning properly?
When working in Muse, the column lines don’t align, however when you preview the page in the browser (+Shift+E), the columns will be automatically adjusted by the widget to give you a consistent column width.

My Data Table isn’t working.
Please check the following.
  • Make sure your MAIN and all of your ROWs have the same Table Name.
  • Make sure your Table Name doesn’t have any spaces or special characters.
  • Make sure your Table Name is spelled the same for your MAIN and for each ROW.
  • Make sure that you didn’t try to put images, links, or any code in any of your cells.
Can I import data into the Data Table from a CSV file, XLS file, or any other file?
Unfortunately no, the data must be entered manually.

How can I style the Data Table text?
You have the option of styling the text for each row individually. Simply select a row, go to the Text Panel (T) and you can set the typeface, size, color, and alignment.
Can I put more than one Data Table on the same page?
Yes, you can have unlimited Data Tables, just make sure that each Data Table has a unique Table Name.

How do I create new rows?
Select one of your rows and duplicate it. To duplicate a row, copy (+C) and paste (+V) it. You can also hold the option key and move the row.

Can I adjust the height of my rows?
Yes, you can do this by clicking on a row and adjusting the height.

How do I add a stroke?
Select the MAIN section and use the Stroke panel in Muse to set the stroke color and weight.

How can I add data to the rows?
Click on a row, open the widget option panel and you can enter your data.
Can the table have images or links inserted?
Unfortunately, no, it only supports text.

Can I disable the Sorting feature?
Yes, go to the MAIN option settings, Column settings, and check Disable Sorting.

Can I disable the Search feature?
Yes, go to the MAIN option settings, Column settings, and uncheck Search Bar.
Is it responsive?
Yes, it is fully responsive and breakpoint friendly.

If you need additional help, you can watch the short demo video which will guide you step-by-step in using The Data Table.
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