Why isn't my site previewing properly?

  • Use 'preview the site in browser', not preview page in browser.


 Where do I place the widget?

  • We recommend placing it on the Home page. The page that you place it on cannot be used as one of the sections or slides of your Page Slider. We also recommend that the only thing that you place on this page is the widget itself.


 I need help setting up Page Slider!


 Can I use my own navigation?

  • No, the widget comes with its own built-in navigation that can be fully customized and styled. Go to the NAVIGATION option panel > BUTTONS to customize it.


How do I add additional buttons to link to pages outside my page slider?


Can I get rid of the buttons, next/preview icons, or the tooltips?

  • Yes, open the NAVIGATION options and check the hide box beside the feature you want to hide.


How can I customize the buttons, next/preview icons, or the tooltips?


 How can I style the text?

  • Select the MAIN section, go to the Text Panel (⌘+T), and now you can change the typeface and size.


 Is this widget responsive?

  • Yes, it is fully responsive and breakpoint friendly.


Can I have more than 11 slides?

  • You can have unlimited sections, but unfortunately, you can only have up to 11 slides.


How can I create additional sections?

  • Copy (⌘C) and paste (⌘V) a section or duplicate it by selecting a section, holding alt, and dragging it.
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