Adding Extra Buttons

Extra Buttons are an optional additional feature that can be used to link to a page outside of Page Slider. Extra Buttons can be found in the QooQee_Page_Slider folder inside the Library panel (the library panel can be accessed by going to window > library). 
Extra buttons are useful to linking to pages that aren’t a part of your page slider. One example of a situation in which extra buttons would be useful is if you use Page Slider on a personal portfolio site but you want your resume to open to another page instead of being a part of the slider, 
Place the widget on the Home page or the page that your Page Slider Widget is on, and it will appear beside your other buttons. When you preview or publish your site, the extra button will automatically match the style of whatever your other buttons look like. 
The buttons can be styled by going to the NAVIGATION option panel > BUTTONS.
These are the default buttons (ignore the pink background), whenever you add an extra button, it'll automatically match the style of the other buttons and it will show up beside them.
Open the link in: you can have the link open in the same window as it was clicked or in a new window.
Location of the pages: you can choose either ‘inside this muse project’ or ‘hosted elsewhere (URL of a page)’
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