Get your API key for Google Map Styler

Due to the new restrictions on Google API, each user needs to acquire a key for using the Map Styler.



Follow these steps to get your API key:


  1. If you do not have a google account Click Here and create yours.

  2. Click Here to start generating your key.

  3. Create or select a project.

  4. Click Continue to enable the API and any related services.

  5. On the Credentials page, get a Browser key (and set the API Credentials). Note: If you have an existing Browser key, you may use that key.

  6. To prevent quota theft, secure your API key following these best practices.

    (Optional) Enable billing. See Usage Limits for more information.

    In the Google API Console, you can also look up an existing key or view a list of enabled APIs.

  7. Enter your API key in the widget options panel.


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