Why Paragraph/Graphic Style is not working.

In some widgets, we need to link the text or an object to the widget by using a Paragraph Style, or a Graphic Style. If your style connection is not working, please go through the following steps and make sure you do everything as mentioned below:



Paragraph & Graphic Styles

  • Make sure the style name is simple and in English, not any other languages.
  • Remove all the spaces in the style name.
  • Remove all the special characters from the style name (!@#$%^&*).
  • Double-check and make sure that you have the exact style names in the widget option, try to copy/paste the style name instead of typing in again in the widget option panel, and watch for case sensitivity, if you have a letter-case character in the style name then it must be typed exactly the same in the widget option panel.
  • Make sure that the style name is not assigned to any other object/s but only the one that is supposed to be assigned to your widget.





Paragraph Style

When using a widget that needs assigning a Paragraph Style to a text box in order to use it, you need to remember that the font must not be select from the "exports as image" section, in the text panel (See the screenshot below).



So if the little icon appears next to the text box (see the screenshot above), the text box does not contain the actual text but an image of the text. 


To fix this:

Simply change the font to a font from the Web Fonts section instead of the System Font (exports as image), in the text panel.





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