Distorted links and quotation marks (solve)

On some servers you may have encountered problems with distorted links on your blog, like instead of http://www.google.com it would try to open www.myblog.com/%22/http://www.google.com//%22

This is due to a setting of your server which can be fixed quickly. Please ask your web host to deactivate the "magic_quotes_gpc". This is an old function which is even removed from the current PHP versions. (It has been deprecated since years, yet some servers still have it activated.) It adds backslashes to all entries wherever a quotation mark or an apostrophe is used. This will of course break the links, as the html code for them contains quotation marks.

Once your web host deactivates "magic_quotes_gpc" the problem will be solved for your future posts, and for the existing ones you will be need to briefly edit and re-save them, since they are already saved with the added backslashes.

Since the "magic_quotes_gpc" is removed from newer versions of PHP, also updating / switching the version of PHP on your server to any version newer than 5.4 will also solve the problem.

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