Customizing the "continue reading" text on the Muse Blog v.1.0 (UNNECESSARY IN Ver.1.18)

Ben -

IMPORTANT: The update v1.18 makes this unnecessary, since you can change all the interface wording conveniently from the online settings of the blog.


There is a simple workaround for customizing the wording of the "continue reading..." text on the blog v1.0.

Please copy and paste the following text into the "Custom CSS" field of your blog widget menu. You can change the text between the quotation marks, where it currently reads "weiterlesen..." (in German) and you can put your chosen text in your own language, before pasting it into your widget's Custom Css field.


.getPostById { visibility: hidden; position: relative; } .getPostById:after { visibility: visible; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; visibility: visible; color: inherit; content: "weiterlesen..."; }

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