Set up a MySQL Database for your Blog

(Choosing MySQL for the blog is optional, continue reading for more details)


There are two Database options in the settings of QooQee Muse Blog: Sqlite and MySQL. Sqlite is the easier one, since it doesn't require any custom setup, and it should be sufficient for most small to medium blogs. But optionally, if intend to have a larger amount of posts, you may find the performance of MySQL beneficiary.


Let us first begin with creating a database and a database-user on the server. The following links are two video tutorials for creating a MySQL database and credentials on the Cpanel of your web server:

Video Tutorial 1
Video Tutorial 2

Once you have set up a database and a database-user which is added to and has all rights to it, please enter the data in the online settings panel of your blog:




Also please note that most web hosts add your main hosting username to the chosen database and user names, so if your chosen database name is "mydatabase", it might be saved as something like "myname23_mydatabase". However the saved name will be displayed in a box right after creating the database, so it won't be difficult to find the right name.

Once you try to save the settings, the blog system tests the connection credentials which you entered. If the connection is invalid, it will give you an error, with the form fields marked in red. In this case please double-check your database name / database username / password, and if the error persisted, please contact your web host and ask if any special port number, or any particular path to the MySQL server (any path other than "localhost") is required for their systems.

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