How can I add video files to my video widget?


Step 1


In most QooQee video widgets, there are three sections to add videos MP4, OGG, and WEBM.

If you have problem with you video files, when you place them in the widget, covert them again:


Click Here to convert your video file to MP4.

Click Here to convert your video file to OGG.

Click Here to convert your video file to WEBM (optional).



Important Note: 

After you convert your file into OGG, check the extension of the file, and if it is OGV, manually rename the extension to OGG (no need to do the conversion again)



Two methods of adding video files:





1. Add File

In this method, all you need to do is to click on the  icon in the widget option panel, and add your video file directly from your hard drive. The video file will be uploaded automatically when you publish your page.

Note: Sometimes the video does not play correctly in the preview mode, you need to publish the site in order to get the right and final result. 


1. External URL

In this method, you can manually enter/type/paste the URL of your file into the widget option panel. 

  • You need to enter the full URL including HTTP:// or  HTTPS://
  • Your video files cannot be hosted on Dropbox or any other cloud sharing platform, you need to upload them directly on a FTP server.



Note: Check your video URL (copy/paste) in a browser window to make sure that they are correctly placed in your FTP server, and you are using the correct URL.




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