Slideshow [Bazaar]





You can add up to 10 blocks to one slideshow; each block can be either image or a video.

Types of blocks

  1. Image
    • Sold out badge appears when the product is sold out.
  2. Video
    • The sale badge is a simple badge that appears on the card to let customers know the product is on sale.



The dimension option in the slideshow settings defines the height of the main image or video on the page. You can choose one of the following for the height of the blocks:

  1. Adapt to media
    • The slideshow height changes to adapt the height of the main image/video.
  2. Small/Medium/Large
  3. Full screen height
    • The height of the slideshow adjusts to take the full height of the screen.



These options define the 

  1. Enable swipe/touch
    • This option allows users to grab the slide with the mouse cursor or swipe over the slide and move to the next/previous slide.
  2. Autoplay slides
    • If this option is checked, the slideshow automatically changes the slides without any user interaction.
  3. Disable autoplay after interaction
    • If this option is checked, the autoplay stops when the user interacts with the slider.
    • Not all the user interactions stop the autoplay, but only when the users click on the next/previous button, pagination, or swipe manually to go to the next or previous slide. 









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