The Start and Finish Handles


Place the handles for your objects freely on the page to control the speed, direction and opacity of items. Create different scroll effects for:

  • Before the item reaches the Start handle
  • After the Start handle passes the top of the browser
  • After the Finish handle enters from the bottom of the browser

The placement of the handles in relation to each item with Scroll Effects is important in order for each effect to be performed correctly. The space (in pixels) between the top of the Start handle and the top of your item is withheld. So, to have your items appear at the top of the viewport, align the tops of the item and the Start handle. 




The Start Handle

The Start Handle holds the actions you would like for the relative objects. Remember to add the exact name within the Tooltip panel to the Start handle to activate the effects correctly. 

Check out Creating Scroll Effects to learn how to control scroll speed and direction. 


To further understand each scenario of the Start Handle Option Panel refer to the images below. 


A. Before the Start Handle

Input values for the Horizontal and Vertical Speed of objects while they are before the Start handle.

B. Between Two Handles

Input values for the Horizontal and Vertical Speed of objects after the Start handle reaches the top of the browser. If there isn't a Finish handle, the object will keep the properties of Between Two Handles until the end of the page is reached. 

C. After Finish Handle Enters 

Input values for the Horizontal and Vertical Speed of objects after the Finish handle enters from the bottom of the browser.

D. Handle Placement Error

Handles should be placed with enough space to perform the Scroll Effects assigned to them. If the Start and Finish handle are placed to closely and appear within the browser at the same time, the values for Between Two Handles will be overridden and the object will jump to the effect of After Finish Handle Enters.



The Finish Handle 

The Finish handle marks where you would like your objects to finish their effects. You can place this widget anywhere on the page after your relative Start handle or leave it out from the page to have objects remain in action with the relative values of Between Two Handles”. Remember to use the same name as your Start handle and items.



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