Shopify FAQ


How do I change the font?

To change the font or font color for a widget simply select the object and change it in the Text Panel.

How should I place my objects?

You can place objects that you would need for every page of your store (such as the cart, cart trigger, and cart number) on the master page so that your customers can always access it. Note: the MAIN widget should be on every page that has one of the Shopify widgets on it.

What ways can I edit the widget?

All of the Shopify widgets can be edited by adding a fill color, stroke, etc. You can also choose to make them responsive.

What’s the best way to save my images?

Use Photoshop’s Save For Web’ feature. Try to keep image file sizes small (under 120kb) for optimal loading time.

How do I change the currency?

To change the currency, login to your Shopify store, go to Settings, General, scroll down to "Standards and formats", and then you can select your currency from the "currency" dropdown. Click save to confirm your changes.
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