Customize Checkout Method

Vanessa -

To customize the checkout method, you can access it through the MAIN widget option panel. 
Choose the checkout method that you want your store to use. Your options are:
    • Same page: Checkout will show up on the same page.
    • New Tab: Checkout will open in a new tab.
    • Internal Pop-Up: Checkout will open in an in-page pop-up.
    • External Pop-Up: Checkout will open in a pop-up.

Pop-Up Styling Options

Customize the appearance of the Shopify Checkout pop-up. These options are only available if you select either internal or external pop-up as your checkout method.
Specify a maximum width and height.
Specify a border color and rounded corners. Use 0 to not have rounded corners.
Customize the close button’s size, rounded corners, sign thickness, background color, sign color, and border color.
Specify the shadow intensity of the pop-up.
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