Customize Image

The image widget allows you to upload your product image(s) to Shopify and have them show up on your website. You will need your product key. Instructions for finding your product key can be found here.

Step One

After getting your product key. Place the Image widget on the page. 

Step Two

Open the widget option panel and paste in your product key.

Widget Options

Responsive: You can choose between three options
    • Responsive Width
    • Responsive Width and Height
    • None
Resize From: This option is only available if you choose responsive width’. The options are
  • fully centered
  • top - left
  • top - center
  • top - right
  • center - left
  • center - right
  • bottom - left
  • bottom - right
Image Alt Tag: This is optional. Including this helps to improve SEO. 
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