Customize Single Items Variations

Widget Option Panel

Open the widget option panel to access styling options.
Product ID:
Information on finding your product ID can be found here
You can choose to add text. The typeface and size can be changed through the Text panel.
Background Image:
Add a background image for the hovered and selected state.
Border Color:
Select none’ for no color change.
Border Scale:
Choose how much the border scales in size for the hover and selected state. A border scale of 1 means that it stays the same size. A border scale of 2 means that it becomes twice as large.

Additional Tips

Here are some tips for customizing the Single Items Variations widget.
You can change the roundness of the widget by changing the corner radius. You can also change the width and height.
You can choose to add a stroke to the normal, hover, and selected state.
Normal state background can be changed through the fill panel. Add a fill color or a fill image.
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