Comment Box

Connect with your users by allowing them to comment either through Facebook or Disqus on each image and video included in your Fluid Infinity gallery. 




Integrating Commenting

  1. Deselect the Turn Off checkbox to allow commenting on gallery items.
    Select Open by Default to have your comment box opened immediately when the Lightbox is opened. 
  2. Choose your Platform (Facebook or Disqus) from the drop-down.


    Add your Disqus Shortname to the text entry and input your Language code.

    Input your Facebook App ID and Admin Facebook User ID to their text entry areas. 
    Select the comment box interface Color Scheme from the drop-down.
    Input the Language code for your comment box.
    Use the color selector boxes to customize the counter background and font colors.

    For more information on finding your Facebook or Disqus IDs, click here.

  3. Use the Styling Style section to customize your Comment Panel and Trigger. 


Language Codes

Facebook and Disqus Language codes can be referenced at the bottom of the Commenting section. 
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