Use the Icons Settings area to select and deselect which icons you would like to show within your Lightbox. From here you can also change the buttons background color, opacity and shape. Use default icons included with the widget or add your very own from your hardware.




Selecting Icons

Use the checkbox area found at the top of the Icon section to choose to include or exclude buttons from your Lightbox gallery. These button icons can be added using the Add File section found within the Icon Settings area below.

Icons Settings

Use the color selector and text areas within the Icon Settings to customize the buttons of your Lightbox gallery.


Background Color

Use the color selectors to choose the color of the icon and navigational buttons background colors.


Background Opacity

Use a value between 0 and 1 to determine the Icon and Navigation buttons opacity. One represents 100% opacity and decreases as the value lowers.


Icon Color

Use the color selector to change the line color of all icons.


Next & Previous Shape

Select whether the next and previous button are circular or square.

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