Use the Text drop-down found within the Lightbox Container section to direct the alignment and spacing of your image and video titles and descriptions. To disable either the title or description from being displayed in the Lightbox, use the checkboxes found at the top of the section.






Align the title and description of each thumbnail to the left, center or right of the browser. Select one of the dropdown options to apply to all text captions within your gallery.


Much like the Thumbnail spacing found within the Container widget, use the spacing areas to control the padding and margin of the item captions within your Lightbox. Within the Lightbox text box widget, you can alter the styling of the text as far as color, font, and size. Here, use the areas to control the spacing of each Lightbox text box item. Each uses pixels as the base unit of measurement.


Inner Spacing

Inner spacing adds padding into the container of the whole text-frame. Use this area to add space around the text within its container.

Outer Spacing

Outer spacing adds a margin on the perimeter of the container of the text-frame in reference to its thumbnail container. Use this area to add space around the entirety of the textbox.

Space Between

The space between the title and description is the area below the title and above the description. Use this area to add vertical spacing between the title and description within the textbox.  


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