Bulk Thumbnail [Option Panel]

Add up to 10 images and videos to your gallery through one widget. Apply the same settings to all the thumbnails for a consistent and organized gallery.



Connecting the Widget


Adding Content



Connecting the Widget

Connect each Bulk Thumbnail widget to its main container by entering the same Gallery Name found within the Container's Gallery Name area. Each instance of the widget should be connected properly in order for those images to be included within the in-page gallery. 



Use the Settings drop-down area to easily apply styling and categorization to each included thumbnail.


Categories & Filters

Use the Categories and Filters areas to apply a category and filter to each image or video loaded into the widget. Each item may only have one category. Categories and filters are different and have different uses for each. For more information about Categories vs Filters, click here. 



Select where and how this thumbnail will appear in your grid gallery versus your Lightbox gallery.


Thumbnail & Lightbox

Include this thumbnail within the grid gallery and the Lightbox gallery.

Lightbox Only

Only include this thumbnail in the Lightbox gallery when opened.

Thumbnail Only 

Create a static thumbnail with hover effects to the grid gallery. This thumbnail will not open the Lightbox gallery. 

Thumbnail Only (with hover effect)

Create a static thumbnail without hover effects that will not open the Lightbox gallery.



To add an icon to the thumbnail, select the orange highlighted area and place your icon file into the widget. This file added will override any icon applied to thumbnails through the Container widget.


Select the Overlay color you would like to transition once the thumbnail has been hovered over. By selecting a color within your thumbnail you override the Overlay color within the Container Option Panel.


Sort Order

Use values to change the order that your images and videos appear within their lightbox gallery.

Adding Content

The Bulk Thumbnail widget allows for up to 10 images or videos uploads. Use the Image link and Details dropdown to add additional filters for items, thumbnail captions, or video. 


  1. Open the Stand-Alone Thumbnails Option Panel

  2. Select the orange highlighted link to open your computers file work. 

  3. Select the image for the thumbnail background. 



Select the video type you will be using from the dropdown options. 


Youtube or Vimeo
Copy and paste your video URL into the now enabled Video URL area.


HTML5 Video
Add your video by selecting the orange highlighted link and selecting the file from your files.


Repeat for up to 10 images/videos.


Applying Filters

Filters added to individual images through the Details section will join any filters used at the higher level for the lot of Bulk thumbnails. 


Widgets Bulk Filter: dog

Image 1 Individual Filter: small

Image 1 Final Filter: dog, small 


Using Titles & Descriptions

Use the Title and Description text areas to enter the captions for your thumbnail. If you do not wish to have a title or description for the thumbnail you may delete any characters found within this area.


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