Uploading Images with Google Sheets

Uploading images to your gallery is easier than ever with the Google Sheets uploading option. Use your Google Sheet key to load your images to your gallery live. Want to swap an old photo or scrap a category? Do so without ever opening Muse. 




1. Duplicate the Sample Sheet

2. Create Your Google Sheet Key

3. Applying Your Key

Guidelines for Google Sheet 


1. Duplicating the Sample Sheet

QooQee will provide you with a sample sheet to use with your Fluid Infinity gallery. This sheet can be duplicated and used across all of your galleries. 


Making Your Sheet


  1. Create a Google Account if you have not already.

  2. Open the provided sample Google Sheet document in the browser.

  3. Select File > Make a copy… > Rename Copy and rename the file something unique and recognizable for you. 


  4. Append your changes of content for the gallery.



2. Creating Your Key

Step One
Click on File > Publish to the web…



Step Two

Click on Entire Document and select the name of the sheet that you want to publish.



Step Three

Click Publish and then OK.



Step Four

Go to the URL
Select the part that comes after spreadsheets/d/. This is the Google Sheet Key. Then copy it and open Muse.




3. Applying Your Key

Open the Fluid Infinity Container widgets Options Panel. Open the Main tab. Paste the Google Sheet Key beside Google Sheet Key.
Now, whenever you make a change to your google sheet your Gallery will be automatically updated. 
You do not need to change the sharing settings of your google sheet in order to publish it to the web.
Click here for additional help on publishing a google sheet. 


Google Sheet Guidelines

Fluid Infinity will not show a partially loaded gallery. To avoid any connection issues, make sure that each item is properly linked to a compatible file type. 


While you may apply multiple filters to an item, there can only be one category. There is a distinct difference between Categories and Filters. Categories are used by the Fluid Lightbox features. When applying additional filters on one item exclude any spaces in between filters:

Ex: dog,canine,brown



Google Sheet Troubleshooting 

I have my Google Sheet key but my table isn't displaying.

You most likely have some type of formatting applied to your table. Table Pro works best when the formatting of your table is as simple as possible (default formatting is best). Select the entire table (command + a) and then go to Format > Clear Formatting. 

If it still doesn't work then please follow the instructions below:

- Open the original Google Sheet. Hit Command + A (or CTRL + A for windows).
- Copy the data by hitting Command + C (or CTRL + C for windows).
- Create a new Google Sheet.
- Go to Edit > Paste special > Paste values only 
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