Main Widget Option Panel

There are three sections in the Main Widget Option Panel: video files, playing options, and video height & filters.



Player Name must be the same on all widget components. Do not use any spaces or special characters.

Video Files: 

Use MP4 for compatibility with Safari/Chrome.
Use OGG for compatibility with Firefox.
Use WEBM for compatibility with other browsers.

Playing Options

Stop other videos: When you click on a play button or the video itself, all other videos will be stopped. This way you will never have two videos playing at the same time.
Smart Play: Checking this allows you to choose when the video starts. The options are:
  • as soon as the video enters the screen
  • when half of the video is in the screen
  • only when the entire video is on the screen
Lazy Load: Heavy videos are not a problem anymore. Check this option to have the video load only when users scroll to it, and let your website loads faster and more stable. If the video file is heavy,  then you will see a beautiful (customizable) loading that will allow users to know the video is loading up.
The loading appears only when you have the Lazy-load option checked.
  • Loading Size: Choose the size of the loading circles (in pixels)
  • Loading: Choose the color of the loading circles

Video Height & Filters

Responsive Height: 
Control the height of the player. The options are:
  • No responsive height
  • Percentage of browser’s height
  • Keep the video proportion
    • NOTE: Depends on the width of the video. The height adjusts itself to keep the same proportion that we have on the video itself. 
NOTE: If you place the width on responsive: none” then the height will not change, it will stay as it should be to keep the proportion, but since it changes (when the browser is resized) based on the changes applied to the width, when the width is not changing the height stays still as well.
Filter Type:
  • Dots
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical


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