How To Use Video Player Pro

Step One

Grab the widget from the Library

Step Two

Add a poster image through the Fill panel

Step Three

When naming your player, make sure you don’t use spaces or special characters. If you have more than one player on the same page, each player must have a different player name.
It would be a good idea not to use a very generic name such as player” so it will not conflict with any other third-party widgets that you may have on the page (if there is any). Use a name that is more unique, such as PlayerOne”.
Case Sensitive 
  • If you use capital letters for naming, you need to use the exact same video name on the parts, such as play/pause and sound icon.

Step Four

Add your video files by opening the main widget option panel > video files. Make sure that you add a video file of each file type. 
  • Click here to convert to a MP4 file. This file type is needed for Chrome and Safari.
  • Click here to convert to an OGG file. This file type is needed for Firefox.
  • Click here to convert to a WEBM file. This is an optional file type that is useful for browsers such as Opera.
If there is a video on YouTube or Vimeo that you want to use, go to this link to convert it into an MP4 file. Then use the links above to convert it to OGG (and WEBM if desired).

Step Five

Customize the widget as desired. Use the stroke panel to give it stroke if you want to have a stroke around the player.
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