The Menus

Within the Trek template you will find two menu styles to accommodate the current device screen size. For larger breakpoints the Trek template uses a Composition Menu that allows you to have a dropdown menu. For smaller breakpoints Trek uses QooQee’s Responsive Push Menu. 

Adding Additional Links 

To add additional links the the main menu, duplicate a current menu button and relink the button to the proper page. Use the Align panel to ensure that your page remains balanced and correctly aligned. Adding additional links into the dropdown menu can be done by expanding the Composition Container and duplicating a single link within it. Then, like the main menu buttons, relink the button through the Hyperlinks panel. Note: Be sure to double check the placement and pinning of each item of the Composition once you move an item.

The Responsive Muse Menu

The Responsive Muse Menu is used to give a pushed side menu effect for mobile breakpoints in Trek. You can place other items like imagery and icons within the dropdown area simply by clicking and dragging them within. Use the Fill and Stroke panel to customize the dropdown style. Items like text and imagery within the menu container area have the liberty to have their states customized using the State Panel. To learn more about the Responsive Muse Menu widget read into its Documentation here
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