FAQ 1 - How do I connect my duration, time, or fullscreen button to a video?

You simply have to assign the right graphic style name to it followed by the name of the table. The graphic style names are
Make sure you replace YourPlayerName’ with the name of your player. More details can be found here. (link to graphic styles article)

FAQ 2 - How can I speed up loading time?

Consider using the lazy load feature. It can be found in the main widget option panel under playing options’. Check this option to have the video load only when users scroll to it, and let your website loads faster and more stable. If the video file is heavy,  then you will see a beautiful (customizable) loading that allow users to know the video is loading up.

FAQ 3 - My video isn’t showing up in _____ browser.

Upload one of each file type (MP4, OGG and WEBM) to ensure compatibility on all browsers.

FAQ 4 - How do I add a poster image?

Use fill panel to add poster image

FAQ 5 - Can I have more than one Video Pro Player on the same page?

Yes, you can, just assign different player names to each player and it’s related components.

FAQ 6 - Where are the play/pause and sound icons?

They are included in the zip file you receive when downloading the widget.
To reassign them to the buttons, in Muse, select play/pause and add them in the widget option panel, if you want to use the default icons. Otherwise you can create and use your own icon files. 
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