Additional Widgets

A directory of additional widgets used in Bite.
Mighty Hover
Mighty Hover is a fully customizable widget that allows you to connect hover states of various media on the page. Customize with your own image or a Font Awesome icon.  For more details, visit Might Hover Widget
Flex is an image slider that has many different customizable options. This widget is responsive so it keeps all images proportionate when the slider is scaled for different breakpoints.  For more details on how to apply and customize your Flex image slider, visit Flex Slider Documentation.
Widthy is a full width responsive video player. Simply link your video through the Option panel and select the Opacity and preset Overlay options you would like. Use the checkboxes to select your Play Settings. Pro-Tip: Combo Widthy with QooQee’s Responsive Height Widget to create a full screen video. 
Note: To properly preview Widthy in all browsers please upload to FTP host. Otherwise, Google Chrome previews Widthy videos without uploading to FTP host.
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