Media Focal Point

The latest version of QooQee’s Media Focal Point widget is now fully responsive and compatible with hover effects. Easily reveal text, images and videos when hovered or clicked. 
Customizing Text
To adjust the font and alignment of the text of each point use the Text Panel
Use the Options Panel to further customize content.
  • Select whether you would like the point to be revealed on Click or Hover and where you would like it to appear in relation to the marker. 
  • Input your content Title and Description in the appropriate boxes.
  • Select the Color of the panel and the Separator Line between the Title and Description. You can also change the width of the Separator Line.
  • Input the Width, Color and Border Radius of the Panel. *Note that the Width you input for the Panel Width will be its maximum width if responsive sizing is chosen.
  • Adding an image or video can be done with just a few clicks. Simply check the Image/Video checkbox and select the media you would like to use from your files.



Customize the Tooltip
Use the Tooltip dropdown within the Options Panel to customize the Tooltip Options.
  • If you would like the Tooltips color to notify that the panel has already been revealed use the Tooltip (Hover/Opened) to select a color.
  • To bring attention to your Tooltip select the Pulse option. Then, select the color, weight of pulse line and origin of the Pulse effect.
  • The Media Focal Point widget comes includes that option to have a plus sign centered in your Tooltip. Select the color, weight and states for the plus using the appropriate options in the Options panel. If you would like to remove the plus simply select the no color, the white box with a red diagonal line, to make it not visible. 


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