Customizing the Lightbox Composition

The Composition widget is very powerful and versatile. The Lightbox Composition is used twice in Bite. 
Styling Lightbox Composition
The Composition Trigger acts as a State Button. To add text or imagery simply place the text or image frame within the trigger. Use the Fill, Stroke, Radius and States panels to adjust the Trigger itself.
To remove or change the Overlay when the Lightbox is open, select the Container and select your Fill Color and Opacity.
To nest a widget within a Lightbox Composition click and drag the widget into the Target of the Lightbox. Bite uses the Google Map Styler and the Image Field within its two Lightbox Compositions. For more information on using the Google Map Styler, visit the Google Map Styler Documentation
The Image Field widget is used to show a full-screen display of your menu images. Use the Text panel to customize the text of the Title and Captions. Use the Options panel to customize the Content, Color, and Weight for your Image. You can also select a cursor image when you hover over the image. For more details on the Image Field Widget, visit the Image Field Documentation. 
Note: The Menu Page uses Hover for Other to group the different Image Field widgets in the Lightbox.
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