How To Use Hover For Other

Step One

Place the Hover For Other widget on the page.

Step Two

Open the main widget option panel. Create a basic group name such as objects’.

Step Three

Select an object, click hyperlinks’. Beside tooltips’ type in the name of your group.

Step Four

Customize the hover effects as desired in the main widget option panel.


  • Separate group names with spaces.
  • To use hover on trigger’ add -trigger’ at the end of the tooltip name for each group. Ex. if the name of your group is objects’ type objects-trigger’ for the trigger’s tooltip.
  • Use negative values for left and down.
  • To have the object scale down make the scale value less than 1. (For example, 0.5 makes it half in size.)
  • This widget doesn’t work for SVG images. Save your SVGs as a PNG or JPG file.
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