The Menus


The Absolute template uses a responsive design to give you navigation that’s just right for your device screen size. For larger breakpoints use simple text boxes with hover effects to display when a page is active. For smaller breakpoints, the Responsive Muse Menu is used to have a dynamic sliding menu. To learn more about styling buttons click here

Responsive Muse Menu

The Responsive Muse Menu is used to give a pushed menu effect for mobile breakpoints in Absolute. You can place other items like imagery and icons within the drop-down area simply by clicking and dragging them within. Use the Fill and Stroke panel to customize the drop-down style. Items like text and imagery within the menu container area have the liberty to have their states customized using the State Panel. 

The mobile menu also includes a Multi-Level Accordion within the menu for the Projects pages. Remember to keep the tabs outside of the Menu Container and only allow the Main widget serve as a placeholder within the Menu. The widget will do the rest!



If you would like to customize the way the Menu appears when clicked, use the Muse Menu Option Panel to change its effects and triggers. From this panel, you can also assign items to the widget for an easy way to connect the widget to your content.

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