Main Widget

In Muse, go to the Library, open the folder QooQee_Page_Slider, and drag Page Slider v.3 onto the page.
Tip: If you can't find your Library panel, go to Window > Library.
Place the Main Widget at the outer top left of the Home page.
There are several options in the MAIN widget that will allow you to customize how Page Slider works.
Easing: In order to access the easing options, you must have Smooth Animation (simple easing)’ checked. 
Loop Scrolling: When you reach the end of sections, it’ll slide back to the first section. For example, if you’re scrolling down, you’ll scroll like this: section1 > section2 > section3 > section1…
Keyboard Scrolling: Keyboard scrolling allows users to scroll through pages with their arrow keys.
Smooth Animation: Unchecking this box allows you to choose other easing options. There are many different easing options that you can experiment with. The default easing style is 'ease Out'.
Mouse-Grab To Navigate: Checking this enables users to grab to navigate through slides.
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